24-69 VTR Release

Mar 3 2015

IDA is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary VoIP Tone Remote control technology. Drawing from 36+ years of its engineering expertise in building industry’s finest remote control solutions, Model 24-69 is the industry standard in the field of unified “control” communications to meet the need of mission-critical operations of our clients and protecting their investments in analog networks. VTR has been engineered to offer an integrated VoIP and Tone control features and functionalities in a single unit. This eliminates the need for our clients to deploy two separate remote controllers thereby providing cost savings and stress-free manageability of their future network infrastructure. 

VTR is manufactured at IDA’s new manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND. 

Mr. Sanjay Patel, IDA’s President and CEO comments, “VTR is a culmination of last two (2) years of engineering efforts. I am happy that we have a product which will save costs for our clients with better functionality and flexibility to control and manage their mission-critical applications. At IDA, we are continually striving to engineer communication products which should become industry benchmarks in functionality, price and innovation.” He further adds that “We remain committed to building technologies on industry standards such as P25, DMR, ED-137 & beyond to make our products interoperable, easily deployable, and customizable to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.” 

Kunal Sharma, VP of Software Engineering commented, “From the software perspective, our challenge was to exceed the functionalities of our earlier models and to ensure that our software codes and firmware were built to current developmental standards and technologies. Our software team had to work closely with our embedded engineering team to accomplish our targeted developmental goals.”

IDA’s Dave Gruenhagen, Director of Engineering, shares his experience, “Development of VTR required a concerted reengineering effort including redesigning and complete overhauling of the electronics and circuitry. At the end, we are happy to see our efforts coming to fruition and we are hoping that our clients will leverage VTR’s features and functionalities.”

Daivesh Sanghvi, in-charge of IDA’s business development efforts says, “We are glad to have developed a budget-friendly technology for our clients. We are also pleased that VTR will be a great value-based, profitable technology for our dealer partners. Being OEM-friendly, VTR will be easily integrated with diverse network infrastructures. At IDA, we remain committed to developing leadership products at industry best price.”

See here for the full press release.

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