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Software Technology

Software Technology

Cellular Network

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Trakit Nationwide Web Client

Intelligent core cellular-based asset tracking platform

Poineering Cellular Asset Tracking Technology

  • IDA asset tracking technology using cellular infrastructure
  • Offers best-in-class native-browser based asset tracking applications
  • Highly customizable report generation module
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Radio Network

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Trakit FleetSync

Custom TrakIt technology for Kenwood radio network

Custom Tracking Solution for Kenwood FleetSync radios

  • TrakIt technology customized for Kenwood radios
  • Uses FleetSync messaging to text message & broadcast to Kenwood radios.
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Trakit Schedule Adherence

Point Solution for Route Schedule Management

Industry Leading Custom Solution Route Schedule Management

  • Custom developed application for point tracking requirement
  • Automatic monitoring of vehicles / fleet on a timed route (eg transit bus routes)
  • Addon module to Trak-II or TrakIt-USA core technology platform
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Trakit Analyzer

Management reports generator for your Trakit system

Comprehensive Report Generation Application for TrakIt Technology

  • Generates comprehensive management reports from captured locational information
  • Creates graphs to showcase at-a-glance vehicle activities and movements
  • Breadcrump and route visuals with time stamps.
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Trakit Auto-Proximity Download

Auto downloader of location data from TrakIt 15

Complimentary application for Trakit 15 Unit

  • Designed to download location data captured / logged by TrakIt 15 unit
  • Works seamlessly with other TrakIt applications including TrakIt Analyzer / TrakIt Route Account Analysis.
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Trakit Supervisor Monitor

Comprehensive In-vehicle Visual Representation Asset Tracking Application

Industry Leading In-vehicle Asset Tracking Application

  • Runs on in-vehicle laptop
  • Provides complete fleet / asset visibility
  • Includes all the features of standard TrakIt software platform
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Trakit Route Account Analysis

Point Solution for Route Analysis

Industry Leading Custom TrakIt Route Analysis Application

  • Custom application for ge-referenced start-stop locations
  • Capture and display of start time, stop time and the duration of stay at identified locations.
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Database Interoperability Module

Comprehensive Database Integration Application

  • Opens TrakIt databse for external SQL-database oriented integration
  • Facilitates easy 3rd party enterprise system integration.
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Trakit USA

Core Asset Tracking Technology Application

Industy Unique Asset Tracking Software Technology - Core Module

  • 1st Generation asset tracking technology
  • Performs "real-time" tracking 
  • Core technology offering from IDA
  • Includes key features - geofencing, triggers / notifications
  • SQL database driven technology platform.
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Trakit IP MobileNet

Tracking Application for iPMobileNet Radios

Custom iPMobileNet Radio Tracking Application

  • Custom design tracking application for IPMobileNet radios
  • Uses embedded GPS of IPMobileNet radios.
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Trakit Multi-Port

Simultaneous multi-site access of tracking application

Industry Leading Multi-site Asset Tracking Application Technology

  •  Allows control of up to 8 TrakIt 20B across different sites
  • Useful for centralized dispatching with multiple radio regions
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Next gen core asset tracking software technology

Next Generation Advanced Core Asset Tracking Software Technology

  • 2nd Generation of IDA asset tracking technology
  • Incorporates all the features & functionality of TrakIt-USA technology
  • Allows overlays or substitute maps from ESRI & MapInfo
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