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20-18 DC Adapter Panel

20 18 dcp

Industry Standard DC Termination Panel

  • Remotely Control Repeaters / Base Stations
  • 2 or 4-wire mode
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Reliable and flexible describes the 20-18 panel. Jumper selectable 2 wire/4 wire, switchable current schemes, and local mic jack make for easy installation. Available in its own rugged cabinet, the 20-18 can be ordered with plug and play cabling for many popular radios.

The 20-18 is a low cost multi-featured DC Remote Adapter used in conjunction with DC remote controllers to remotely control repeaters and base station radios. The 20-18 detects DC currents from remote controllers to control the remotely located repeater or basestation, and at the same time provides a two-way audio path in either the 2 or 4-wire mode.