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20-28 Tone Panel

20 28 tp


The 20-28 is a programmable termination panel for use with IDA Model 24-66 desktop controllers equipped with digital signaling. By decoding the proper digital signals the 20-28 can control remotely located base stations or repeaters. In addition to providing a two-way path for audio the unit also provides update information back to the desktop controllers. This update information allows the operator immediate information as to the remote radios status, such as channel, in or out of scan, or the current System & Group if a trunking application.

Available in TONE or MSK or VoIP Signaling
The Model 20-28 is field programmable via PC and can be ordered as either standard TONE format or our proprietary MSK format. The MSK format, when used along with the MODEL 24-66MSK, provides the high speed switching and communication required for demanding trunking applications.


Programmable Outputs
To meet the requirements of various manufacturers base stations the 20-28 can be programmed for a wide variety of outputs. For stations that are capable of receiving external serial commands the 20-28 can be programmed to provide the proper command set. In addition the unit can be programmed for Binary output. 

This method of communicating with the radio's microprocessor in much the same way that it's own faceplate display does offers virtually total remote control. Advanced features such as SCAN, Lockout, Selective calling, Priority SCAN, and others become possible. When programming the 20-28, up to 8 of the outputs can be selected as inputs.

Local Operation
For installations where local operation of the base station is desired the 20-28 is available with a desk microphone, speaker jack, and volume control (Option RTM-604).


  • Field programmable
  • Available in TONE or MSK Signaling
  • PC Programmable
  • 2 or 4 wire