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20-88 Multi-line Remote Controller Interface

20 88 mlci

Industry Leading Multi-line Remote Controller Interface

  • Control & display up to eight channels
  • Add an IDA Remote to create a space saving Mini Console
  • 2 wire or 4 wire operation
  • Brochure

The model 20-88 allows a single desktop remote controller to control up to 8 separate base station radios. Designed to be used with any standard Tone or DC remote, the 20-88 has it's own speaker and volume control for "unselected" audio. Indicator lights inform the operator which line is selected as well as which of the unselected lines has audio present. Total Mute of all unselected lines is accomplished via the volume control. Timed mute or no mute is jumper selectable by the installer.

  • Upgrading is easy and cost effective
  • Each operator can adjust the volume to his or her preference
  • Quickly and easily customize each workstation to the installation configuration needed
  • Visually informs the operator of radio traffic and where the traffic is located
  • One glance lets the operator know exactly where they are set up to transmit
  • Attractive and durable


  • Internal lightning protection
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Makes any Tone or DC remote into an eight line remote
  • Separate speaker volume control for unselected audio
  • Timed mute or no mute is jumper selectable
  • Two or Four wire is jumper selectable by line
  • Audio present light for each unselected line
  • Indicator light for selected line