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24-46 DC Remote Controller

24 46 dcr

Legacy DC Remote Controller

  • Control & display up to four channels
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio
  • Field Programmable
  • Brochure

The 24-46 has been designed with the future in mind. As your Two way Radio communications needs change and grow, the 24-46 will keep up. Features that are an additional cost on less capable remotes are Standard with IDA's 24-46. Standard features that are not utilized when the equipment is acquired can easily be put in service later. Simple programming done in the field will activate and/or configure Monitor, Intercom, Mute, Alert Tone, Number of Channels, and the Auxiliaries.

With multiple remotes installed in parallel the audio levels remain consistent. Even in a noisy environment you will be heard loud and clear.

Cost Options

Option 410 – Clock and VU Meter
 Large easy to read LED display gives TIME and TX level at a glance. (Field programmable as Military or Standard time)
Option 411 – Four Wire
 Programmable for full duplex or separate pairs for TX and RX.
Option 412 – Supervisory / Alternate Line
 Programmed as Supervisory this option allows one deskset remote to control access to the base station by other remotes. Programmed as Alternate line allows the deskset to switch to a different base station radio with the push of a button.
Option 413 – Parallel TX Indicator
 Gives visual indication of TX by another remote even while muted. 
Option 414 – Additional Control currentsof +/-15ma and +/-20ma

Additional Programmable Features

  • Momentary F2 (always returns to F1)
  • Momentary Intercom
  • Parallel Override (allows remote to send command currents even if parallel remote is off hook, Option 413 required)

Other 24-46 Options

  • RBC-001 Wall Mounting Bracket
  • RBC-002 External Encode/Decode Cable
  • RBC-003 Programming Cable & Software
  • Field programmable by PC
  • Control & display up to four channels
  • Monitor (latched or momentary)
  • Intercom
  • Mute (latched or momentary)
  • Alert Tone
  • Programmable Auxiliaries
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio