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24-66 Tone Remote Controller

24 66 remotecontroller

Industry Leading Tone Remote Controller

  • Control & display up to eight channels
  • Should read Control & display up to eight channels
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio Field Programmable
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As your communications needs grow and change the 24-66 will keep up. Standard features that are not needed now can be activated with simple programming done in the field. Monitor, Intercom, Mute, Alert Tone, Number of Channels, and the Auxiliaries are all programmable.

With multiple remotes installed in parallel the audio levels remain consistent. Even in a noisy environment you will be heard loud and clear.

Cost Options

Option 610 – Clock and VU Meter

  • Large easy to read LED display gives TIME and TX level at a glance. (Field programmable as Military or Standard time)


Option 611– Four Wire

  • Programmable for full duplex or separate pairs for TX and RX.

Option 612 – Supervisory / Alternate Line

  • Programmed as Supervisory this option allows one deskset remote to control access to the base station by other remotes. Programmed as Alternate line allows the deskset to switch to a different base station radio with the push of a button.

Option 613– Parallel TX Indicator and Notch Filter

  • Provides visual indication of transmit by another remote and prevents the 2175 Hz guard tone from being heard through the speaker.
  • Programmable features:
    1. "Mute on Parallel TX" allows two or more desksets to be located in the same room without causing feedback.
    2. "Parallel Override" allows command tones to be sent even when another remote is off hook.
    3. "Parallel Update" changes the display of all the desksets when selecting a new channel.

Option 614 – 12 VDC Power Cable

  • Prewired power cable makes installing battery backup quick and easy.

Option 615 – 2nd Line with Summed Audio

  • Control two base stations with the same deskset remote.
    RX audio from both lines is summed and heard on the deskset's speaker. The operator can TX and change channels on which ever line is selected. Audio from the "Unselected" line is at a lower volume than audio from the "Selected" line.
    The relative volume of the unselected audio is dealer adjustable.

Option 616– One Touch TX

  • Transmit with the touch of a button on the faceplate. A small condenser mic hidden on the front edge of the unit picks up your voice. Great for short quick responses.

Option RBC-617 – 99 Channel Capability

  • Provides up to 99 channels to be controlled and displayed. By using a pair of function tones,128 different commands are possible. The desired channel is selected by toggling up or down and shown on the LED display. Included with option RBC-617 are options RBC-610 (clock) and RBC-613 (notch filter). Momentary time display is via the CLOCK button.

Option RBC-618 – 99 Channel Capability with DTMF

  • Similar to option RBC-617, this option provides up to 99 channels to be controlled and displayed. Direct access to the desired channel and DTMF encode are added features. A 12 button keypad is mounted on the faceplate of the deskset. Included with option RBC-618 are options RBC-610 (clock) and RBC-613 (notch filter). Momentary time display is via the CLOCK button.

Option RBC-620 – Alpha-Numeric Display

  • Displays channel selections with name/number of the operator's preference. Programmable up to 32 characters, the option includes clock and VU meter.

Option RBC-621 – Digital Signaling

  • Fast and efficient digital signaling in a proprietary MSK format. When used along with Model 20-28 Remote Termination Panel, option RBC-621 provides the high speed switching and communication required for demanding trunking applications. Options RBC-610 (clock) and RBC-613 (notch filter) are included. Option RBC-611 (four wire) is recommended for use in most trunking applications.

Option RBC-622 – DTMF Encode

  • 12 button DTMF encoder with keypad mounted on deskset.

Other 24-66 Options

  • RBC-001 Wall Mounting Bracket
  • RBC-002 External Encode/Decode Cable
  • RBC-003 Programming Cable and Software
  • Field Programmable by PC
  • Control & display up to eight channels
  • Monitor (latched or momentary)
  • Intercom
  • Mute (latched or momentary)
  • Alert Tone
  • Programmable Auxiliaries
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio