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24-66MSK Remote Controller

24 66msk

MSK Remote Controller

  • Control & display up to ninety nine channels
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio
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As your communication needs grow and change the the 24-66MSK will keep up. Standard features that are not needed now, can be activated later with simple programming done in the field. Monitor, Intercom, Mute, Scan, Alpha-Numeric Display, Number of Channels, System and Groups or Zones and Channels, Full Faceplate programmability.

Other Options

  • RBC-001 Wall Mounting Bracket
  • RBC-002 External Encode/Decode Cable
  • RBC-003-95 Windows 95 Programming Cable & Software
  • Field programmable by PC
  • Control & display up to 99 channels and groups or zones and channels
  • Monitor
  • Intercom
  • Scan
  • Programmable faceplate for Auxiliary functions
  • Mute
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio