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Trakit Nationwide Web Client

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Poineering Cellular Asset Tracking Technology

  • IDA asset tracking technology using cellular infrastructure
  • Offers best-in-class native-browser based asset tracking applications
  • Highly customizable report generation module
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For over decades, IDA has been providing a comprehensive asset tracking platform to service our clients who use cellular communication infrastructure instead of radios. Our cellular asset tracking software application offers best-in-class features and functionalities. Owing to the security considerations, IDA has designed its platform using its own web-client application on client's desktop / laptop instead of using external browsers / internet. Our thin client connects directly to our secure Global TrakIt Data Center. The platform is highly customizable with use of an interactive database including in-built report generation module to provide detailed & custom fleet visibility reports. Additionally the platform can be customized to offer TrakIt Stop Analysis for detailed stop-by-stop report of the assets / vehicles.