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Mar 25 2015

Thank you very much for taking time out to visit us at IWCE 2015 and making the show a great success for us. Please download a copy of IDA's Summary Presentation highlighting new product launches for the show.

Trak-It Data Engine (TiDE) Release

Mar 3 2015

IDA is happy to announce the launch of its industry unique Trak-it Data Engine (TiDE) technology. The radio communications, at large, is undergoing a transformation from being predominantly voice-driven to data-intensive communication. Additionally for the industry to remain mainstream, instead of losing out to the cellular world, it has to expand its application base to the world of M2M, IoT and more data-driven applications. The users should be able to move their data seamlessly from any format to any target without developing any new software. This is what TiDE does. It is an open-source, custom developed, data management platform to meet realtime needs of our clients. The developmental goal of TiDE is to offer seamless acquisition, transport and reporting of diverse input data sources to targeted applications for realtime, intelligent decision-making. Essentially, TiDE serves an ideal middleware, a data router, a data acquisition application, a data transport vehicle and a data consolidator for diverse data sources built on industry standards. 

Mr. Sanjay Patel, IDA’s President and CEO comments, “We are transforming IDA to be a software- oriented, data-centric and application driven communication solution company. This is in line with our goal to expand the radio industry from its conventional focus in public safety and law enforcement industries to explosive growth areas of M2M (Machine-2-Machine) and IoT (Internet-of-Things). The pivot of this paradigm shift is “data”. Through our expertise in development of M2M, IoT, Web and Mobile Ecosystems, IDA has developed a universal data management platform which will significantly benefit the radio industry at large and help revolutionize the way we use 2-way radio communication systems.” 

Kunal Sharma, VP Software Development says, “Our goal was to develop a hardware-agnostic, infrastructure-friendly data router type application which is easy to operate and easy to customize to meet the diverse data applications needs of our clients and their peers. We are ready to take the challenge to seamlessly interoperate data streaming between mobile / cellular devices, radios and different enterprise software applications on P25, ED137 and other industry standard communication protocols.” 

Daivesh Sanghvi, of IDA’s EVP – Business Development says, “Industry needed a subscription based multi-vendor, multi-device, multi-application ecosystem. With TiDE as a service, our OEMs and dealer partners can now offer custom solutions to their clients without incurring expensive software development costs and upkeep challenges after implementation. For our clients too there will be no capital expense and they will be readily able to use TiDE platform as a Service to focus their energy and resources in managing their real-time needs. We are confident that TiDE will usher them into the new world of data management in radio communications.”

See here for full press release.

For more information see the TiDE page.

IDA Interview With Urgent Communications

Jun 19 2015

Recent Interview by Mr. Donny Jackson (Editor of Urgent Communications) with Principals of IDA on the company’s corporate goals and product roadmap.

See here for the full article.

24-69 VTR Release

Mar 3 2015

IDA is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary VoIP Tone Remote control technology. Drawing from 36+ years of its engineering expertise in building industry’s finest remote control solutions, Model 24-69 is the industry standard in the field of unified “control” communications to meet the need of mission-critical operations of our clients and protecting their investments in analog networks. VTR has been engineered to offer an integrated VoIP and Tone control features and functionalities in a single unit. This eliminates the need for our clients to deploy two separate remote controllers thereby providing cost savings and stress-free manageability of their future network infrastructure. 

VTR is manufactured at IDA’s new manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND. 

Mr. Sanjay Patel, IDA’s President and CEO comments, “VTR is a culmination of last two (2) years of engineering efforts. I am happy that we have a product which will save costs for our clients with better functionality and flexibility to control and manage their mission-critical applications. At IDA, we are continually striving to engineer communication products which should become industry benchmarks in functionality, price and innovation.” He further adds that “We remain committed to building technologies on industry standards such as P25, DMR, ED-137 & beyond to make our products interoperable, easily deployable, and customizable to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.” 

Kunal Sharma, VP of Software Engineering commented, “From the software perspective, our challenge was to exceed the functionalities of our earlier models and to ensure that our software codes and firmware were built to current developmental standards and technologies. Our software team had to work closely with our embedded engineering team to accomplish our targeted developmental goals.”

IDA’s Dave Gruenhagen, Director of Engineering, shares his experience, “Development of VTR required a concerted reengineering effort including redesigning and complete overhauling of the electronics and circuitry. At the end, we are happy to see our efforts coming to fruition and we are hoping that our clients will leverage VTR’s features and functionalities.”

Daivesh Sanghvi, in-charge of IDA’s business development efforts says, “We are glad to have developed a budget-friendly technology for our clients. We are also pleased that VTR will be a great value-based, profitable technology for our dealer partners. Being OEM-friendly, VTR will be easily integrated with diverse network infrastructures. At IDA, we remain committed to developing leadership products at industry best price.”

See here for the full press release.

For more information see the 24-69 product page.

Thank for visiting us at IWCE 2016

Apr 5 2016

Thank you for visting at IWCE 2016 in Las Vegas. The show was a success and it was great to see both familiar and new faces. See you next year!

New Product Launch

Aug 25 2014

IDA is pleased to announce the shipping of its revolutionary Model 21-28 VTP radio gateway product. VoIP Tone Panel (VTP) was designed and engineered to provide interconnect, control and management functionalities to make your transition to digital ecosystem easier and to ensure continued utilization of your well-established, optimally operating analog infrastructure. VTP facilitates seamless coexistence of both Digital and Analog worlds in an economical and user-friendly manner. VTP is manufactured at IDA’s new manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND.


Sanjay Patel, IDA’s President and CEO, comments, “We realized early that there was a definitive market need to engineer a bridging technology device which protected our client’s investment in their analog infrastructure and yet offered an easy, configurable and deployable device to support their digital transition plans. This gateway is an integral part of IDA’s commitment to engineer a suite of next generation of interoperability products both in analog and VoIP ecosystem. We remain committed to rolling out many more exciting new products in compliance with industry standards such as P25, ED-137 (for aviation industry) & beyond to support mission-critical networks and applications of our clients.”


IDA’s Dave Gruenhagen, Director of Engineering, further expands, “From an engineering perspective, for us, it took quite a bit of internal research, redesign and reengineering of our current product electronics, firmware redevelopment and mechanical design to ensure that we could come up with a cost-effective piece of technology. We are happy that our efforts paid off and we are already shipping the product to meet the current orders of our clients.”


Kunal Sharma, VP of Software Engineering states that “It was interesting to scope the software / firmware development work of VTP keeping in view different network protocols and diversity of our client’s analog radio and digital infrastructure. Assembling a balanced mix of hardware, firmware and radio engineering skillset under a targeted timeline was challenging, however, we are glad to see how the product finally ended up in its form factor without compromising any of the envisaged functionalities.”


Model 21-28 VTP is intended to be used by customers, irrespective of their applications, in their current analog and digital networks.

Daivesh Sanghvi, who spearheads IDA business development initiative says, “Apart from the technical challenges, we gave a serious consideration towards competitive market-bearing price. Thanks to our clients for their deep desire for a product without any bells and whistles, unlike our competitors, we were able to produce a lean, mean and functional product to serve a niche market need. Another key factor which influenced the design of this product was our continued commitment to our OEM partners. We wanted to ensure that VTP was compatible with their radios and networks between their analog and digital network deployments. We were also driven to provide our dealers with a product which was easy to sell and there was already a market demand for it. At IDA we will continue to develop products to expand our radio industry offering while servicing specific client needs.”


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