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Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence

Over the past 35 years, IDA's Manufacturing Group has been one of the core organizational resources that has consistently delivered products and services on time and within budget for the company. Unlike many organizations, our Manufacturing Group gets involved at quite an early stage of the Project Life Cycle, right from the Design Phase. The engagement of the Manufacturing senior executives at a very early stage allows them to understand the client's requirements, their challenges and criticality of the timelines and various milestones of the project. This further assists to get far better foresight to plan for the deployment of the required resources and processes to deliver the committed project outcomes.

The Manufacturing Group engages right from the client kick-off meeting including various phases of Design Reviews. The Director of Manufacturing is electronically looped on all major Design Reviews / Approvals including Engineering progresses. This ensures a smooth transition from the design stage to production stage. We realize that it is critically important to manufacture and test the prototypes and provide valuable inputs into Final Design Review stage. Few of the key production parameters which we keenly observe and evaluate include production process commonality, manufacturing tolerances, new part introductions, firmware, test procedures, test fixtures, prototypes, specialized training and customization of the MRP systems and streamlining of the production and delivery systems to meet the targeted delivery volume in a timely manner.

Engineering and Manufacturing groups start to work tightly together from the Prototype stage to ensure maximum production details are captured and shared to the Final Design of the product. This serves multiple purposes for IDA’s Manufacturing Group including appraisal of forthcoming new parts, procedures, and testing procedures to be adopted and ensuring appropriate processes are undertaken to tie in with the scheduling and building of the prototypes. The below schematic showcases traditional workflow involved during production.

Owing to its current product manufacturing operations, IDA's Manufacturing Group has developed following critical expertise which will be optimally leveraged for the manufacturing and quality control of our client's projects.

  • Streamlined Manufacturing Resource Planning technology and its systems and processes
  • Targeted, highly experienced and trained production staff to optimally utilize production machines, tools and techniques
  • Dedicated QA/QC workforce to ensure benchmarked performance and constant optimization of production systems and procedures
  • State-of-art, well maintained manufacturing and production equipment
  • Tightly controlled and seamlessly integrated procedures to manage outsourced workflows
To tightly control the quality, cost and lead time, IDA strives to keep all the manufacturing processes in-house. The Manufacturing Group has an average of 28 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. Our well maintained in-house processes / equipment include but is not limited to:

  • Wave soldering with aqueous wash (lead)
  • SMT pick-n-place (Mydata My19 & TP9UFP)
  • Two reflow ovens, both lead-free capable
  • DEK semi-automatic screen printer
  • Automated SMT glue dispenser
  • Incoming inspection on receipt of material
  • Integrated MRP system
  • Solid working relationship with our vendor base

We take pride in affirming that all of our manufacturing takes place in its 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Fargo, North Dakota. Engineering, Assembly and Marketing functions are closely situated for maximum efficiency in creating, producing and selling into niche markets. Our customer support staff competently accommodates the needs of our customers for both application software and hardware issues.