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With increasing diversity of products and complexity of the IP world, IDA realizes that its solutions has to be adequately supported by well-structure training programs to significantly flatten the learning curve of our clients. Over the years, IDA has consistently adopted following approach to enhance its training services:

Detailed Technical documentation: As IDA launches its next generation products and services, we have ensured that our technical documentation is consistently appended and most current, and additionally it is available online for easy downloads. IDA has strived to make the documentation including the User Manuals, technical flyers, spec sheets as simple and to-the-point as possible with an objective to ensure speedier adoption of our technology with our customers.

Webinars: We realize that electronic documentation is not the only solution for all the queries and concerns of our clients, hence IDA has made it a custom to provided extended online and staff-guided webinars or technical sessions to satisfy all the technical and product related queries. On pre-determined schedules, IDA’s knowledgeable staff works with our clients to showcase and address all the product orientation needs. 

Remote Training: For various reasons, few of our clients, from time to time need, remote and feature-specific training of our products and solutions. Realizing the same, IDA undertakes remote training frequently to ensure that the usage of our products and its features are very well adopted and utilized adequately. Remote training plays a crucial role for our international clients when they need timely assistance. 

On-site training: Based on the solution and implementation complexity, IDA training team often travels for on-site client training.

Tiered training: Depending on the complexity of the project and its widespread user base, IDA often tailors its training into three tiers:

  • Tier 1: Training provided to field crew / end-users
  • Tier-2: Training imparted to the supervisors and managers at the backoffice; and
  • Tier-3: Executive training for the senior management.

Based on the scope, complexity and the need our customers, IDA customizes its training program to ensure that our clients start to use our technology with accelerated schedule and end-user satisfaction.