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Over 35 Years of Industry Leadership in Managing Analog DC and Tone Radio Communications through Pioneering Remote and Console Solutions


Tone Remote

Handset imgp2885 white

24-67 Tone Remote Controller

Next Generation field programmable Tone remote

Next Gen Tone Remote Controller

  • IDA's flagship tone remote controller
  • Includes all the features of IDA's most successful 24-66 tone controller and many more
  • Large easy to read LED display gives TIME and TX level at a glance. (Field programmable as Military or Standard time)
  • Displays channel selections with name/number of the operator's preference. Programmable up to 32 characters, the option includes clock and VU meter.


Tone Termination Panel

21 28 vtp

21-28 VTP [Tone & VoIP Termination Panel]

Field programmable VoIP and Tone termination panel

Industry Unique VoIP & Tone Termination Panel

  • Simultaneous VoIP & Tone Capabilities
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