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Digital / VoIP

Digital / VoIP

Leading the Digital Revolution with Best-in-Class RoIP / VoIP Products and Services to make your digital migration on-time & within budget 

Leading the Digital Revolution


• Radio Control

• IP Communications

• IP Infrastructure



Hard Remote

Desk mic imgp2865 white

24-66 VoIP Remote Controller

Field programmable VoIP remote controller

Best-in-Class VoIP Base Remote Controller

  • Control up to 250 channels
  • Available with handset or desk mic
  • Alpha-numeric display
  • Basic & Extended configurations
  • Brochure
Handset imgp2885 white

24-66 VoIP Mini Console

Industry leading mini console technology

Best-in-Class VoIP Console Technology

  • Select up to 6 Sites
  • Control up to 250 Channels
  • Selected and Unselected Audio
Handset imgp2885 white

24-69 VTR Desktop Controller

Industry first integrated IP and Tone remote control technology

Best-in-Class VoIP / Tone Console Technology

  • Handset or Desk mic option
  • ED-137 or Basic Tone Remote features
  • For more info contact factory

Soft Remote


RRA Soft Remote Controller

RRA Soft Remote Application

Industry Leading Soft Remote Control Technology

  • Soft Remote Application 
  • Control up to 250 channels
  • Works on standard PC with a microphone & sound card
  • Works with mixed remote

VoIP Termination Panel

20 28 voip

20-28 VoIP Termination Panel

Field programmable VoIP termination panel
  • VoIP based Termination Panel to connect Remote Controller to base radio / reppeater
  • Directly controls the radio by either binary or serial control


21 28 vtp

21-28 VTP [Tone & VoIP Termination Panel]

Field programmable VoIP and Tone termination panel

Industry Unique VoIP & Tone Termination Panel

  • Simultaneous VoIP & Tone Capabilities