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24-66 VoIP Mini Console

Handset imgp2885 white

Best-in-Class VoIP Console Technology

  • Select up to 6 Sites
  • Control up to 250 Channels
  • Selected and Unselected Audio

Building on the very popular 24-66 VoIP platform the "Mini Console" allows control of up to 6 separate base station radios via Ethernet connection. Model 24-66 Mini Console can accomplish remote control throughout our client's communications network without costly leased lines or expensive cabling. It offers connectivity to control multiple stations across far flung sites in a snap, using a LAN, WAN or even the World Wide Web. Designed with an industry exclusive "any button - any function" programmability, the Model 24-66 VoIP Mini Console offers unparalleled flexibility in the remote control systems marketplace.

  • One Touch Transmit
  • Optional Wall Mount
  • Headset and Footswitch