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24-66 VoIP Remote Controller

Desk mic imgp2865 white

Best-in-Class VoIP Base Remote Controller

  • Control up to 250 channels
  • Available with handset or desk mic
  • Alpha-numeric display
  • Basic & Extended configurations
  • Brochure

The 24-66 VoIP Remote Controller offers remote controlling of a base station radio using erthernet / IP technology. This significantly saves cost & inconvenience of conventional fixed / wired lines to connecitity with the base radio / repeater system. Model 24-66 VoIP can also be connected to a computer, which allows the computer access to the LAN without the need for a hub and practically allows the base radio anywhere in the network. The internet might be composed of one or more Ethernet LANs, WANs, or the Cloud infrastructure. 


  • One touch transmit
  • Optional wall mount
  • Headset and Footswitch
  • Field programmable
  • Intercom
  • Mute
  • Clock
  • VU meter
  • 110 volt operation
  • US or European power supply