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RRA Soft Remote Controller


Industry Leading Soft Remote Control Technology

  • Soft Remote Application 
  • Control up to 250 channels
  • Works on standard PC with a microphone & sound card
  • Works with mixed remote

The RRA application is a software platform which uses VoIP technology to offer remote control functionality for the base station radio. RRA draws upon IDA's long time leadership in base radio remote control products for the Land Mobile Radio industry. Being VoIP centric, RRA can be offered over one or more Ethernet LANs, WANs, or the World Wide Web. Running on a simple PC with a standard microphone and sound card, the RRA software offers almost simmilar feature set as the MODEL 24-66 VoIP Desktop Remote Controller. In order to connect RRA to the base radio / repeater, it requires to use IDA Model 20-28 VoIP Termination Panel as the interface at the remotely located base station radio. See the promotional video on YouTube