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Easy-Link Plus Controller


Industry Best Linking Solution

  • Single-user linking between two LTR trunking systems or cross-band linking between VHF/UHF/800 conventional and/or LTR trunking systems. 
  • Allows two appropriate radios to be connected together in a ‘back-to-back’ configuration.

EASY-LINK PLUS is a small interface used to provide single-user linking between two LTR® trunking systems, linking between VHF/UHF systems and other VHF/UHF systems or LTR systems, or linking between a conventional 800 Mhz. base station and an LTR system.

EASY-LINK PLUS eliminates the need for phone lines, microwave, or even other radio frequencies, besides those which are already licensed to the SMR and/or end user. Operation is also almost completely transparent to the end user, since DTMF mics or other complicated signalling methods or procedures are not needed in order to establish a path through an EASY-LINK Plus system. No modifications need be made to the end user's mobile units and these mobile radios need not be any particular brand or model.

  • Provides single-user linking between two LTR systems
  • Provides linking between conventional VHF/UHF/800 Mhz. systems and LTR systems
  • Automatic Path Turnaround reverses path to provide faster system access on LTR systems
  • Makes use of existing frequencies–– no microwave, phone lines, or other frequencies are needed
  • No need for DTMF mics on mobiles or any special procedures to access a link
  • Muted and amplified receive-to-transmit audio paths allow low-level, unsquelched audio to be used
  • On-board DTMF decoder provides remote-control capability.
  • 2 Standard Modes of operation:
  • 1 auxilliary input and 2 auxilliary outputs
  • Microprocessor-based 'generic' design with most functions provided in software