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Easy-Link RF/IP Controller


Industry Best VoIP Linking Solution

  • Uses VoIP technology to offer Single-user linking between two or more systems / LTR trunking systems or cross-band linking between VHF/UHF/800 conventional and/or LTR trunking systems. 
  • Allows two appropriate radios to be connected together in a ‘back-to-back’ configuration.

The Easy-Link RF/IP is a controller using VoIP technology to provide single-user linking between two different radio systems.  

Using a pair of Easy-Link RF/IP eliminates the need for phone lines or microwave based connecitivity. For linking between LTR systems, the Easy-Link RF/IP uses the control station frequencies for the SMR sites being linked. Cross-band linking between other systems uses the frequencies already in use by the other systems, so additional linking frequencies are not needed. Once the installation is complete, an Easy-Link RF/IP will communicate with another Easy-Link RF/IP via Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP protocol. The two units connected using Static IP addresses allow two radios to be remotely connected providing bi-directional operation.

It's operation is completely transparent to the end user with virtually no audio loss or degradation. No DTMF microphones, special signaling methods or other complicated procedures are needed in order to establish a path between different Easy-Link RF/IP units.

  • Provides single user linking between radio systems
  • Leverages Low cost VoIP technology
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for linking LTR trunking customers