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Industry Unique "Real-time" Asset Tracking Technology - In-vehicle Unit

  • Excellence in feature-rich "real-time" GPS asset tracking for LMR industry
  • Installed in-vehicle or mobile assets and connected to the mobile radio
  • In-built GPS and data logging intelligence
  • Records historical data in an on-board data buffer
  • Ability to perform over-the-air programming of operational parameters
  • Ability to user-define frequency of locational data recording thereby optimizing system performance
  • User-defined frequency of locational data reporting to optimize the radio network 
  • Monitor current activity while recording historical data in the on-board data buffer.
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With over 25+ years of industry leadership, TrakIt-20V monitors current activity of the vehicle / asset while recording historical data in the on-board data buffer. It offers ability to program vehicle units with operation parameters and downloads historical data over-the-air. By specifying when and how frequently the locational positions are stored and reported of dynamic speed and heading parameters, it optimizes system performance to a great extent. This unit can be seamlessly interfaced with analog radios, Passport and Multinet communications systems.